My Mission

  • To encourage others to live life in passionate pursuit of what is possible for them
  • To advance digital transformation to impact audiences often not served
  • To educate on active aging
  • To impact the longevity economy in pursuit to make life better for older adults and families as we all live longer, healthier lives

For over 25 years I have coached many towards fulfilling their potential, often beyond what they can imagine. I am an entrepreneur, technologist, speaker, author, past CEO/founder of Marvee. and currently founder of Move.Think. Play.  I am a graduate of Miami University (OH) and have served in multiple leadership roles during a career at the forefront of emerging tech, voice technology, mobile applications and enterprise software.

Feel free to connect via twitter, Linkedin or say hello locally if in Naples, Florida  or Seattle, Washington

“Heidi has this knack of seeing what is coming, how to enter the ecosystem that surrounds an idea, and then carve out a path to monetize the opportunity ”

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