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My business and life philosophy has always been grounded in the importance of believing in no-limits possibilities. Whether looking to innovate for business growth, up-skilling for the future, or facing pivot points along the way in work or personal achievement, I help people – innovators, UX designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners think possible, do big, and live a balanced and bold life.



I mentor a handful of individuals every year in areas such as building a business, emerging tech and early adoption, product design and user experience,  Voice UX and conversational design.

Coaching Sessions

Unlock you potential to improve skills and performance – in areas of business development, product design, user experience (UX)  and conversational design.

Conversation Club

Join the Voice Conversation Club for Insights and wisdom bites delivered by your friendly voice assistant

About Me

I’m a technologist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and the CEO and founder of Marvee. In the past year, I’m honored to have been named a top 44 leader and top 10 influencer in the Voice AI industry, named as a Voice AI Pioneer, and honored to be designated as one of 60+ global Amazon Alexa Champions.

Emerging tech, product design, early adoption, business growth and leading teams in these environments has been my playground the past 20+ years. I am a graduate of Miami University (OH), played a bit of tennis in my early adult days, and have served in multiple executive leadership roles in a career immersed in emerging technology at the forefront of wireless, mobile, enterprise software and IoT.  Let’s work together and feel free to connect via twitter, Linkedin or say hello locally in Naples, Florida.

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