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Hi, I’m Heidi

I am a Voice-First evangelist, national speaker, consultant, advisor, and the founder of the voice design company, Marvee. I’ve spent my career immersed in emerging technology, having begun my career in mobile technology, working with enterprise customers often designing solutions for companies adopting mobile for the first time. This led to a focus on user experience design for mobile and IoT, which eventually led to UX and product design consulting work. Fueled with a focus honed as a professional athlete in my early days, I believe voice-enabled products and services should have one main mission – to make life better.

I help strategists, creators, designers and developers better understand the very large and diverse group that make up the 55 million older adults in the US and more than 1B globally. I speak nationally on the impact of voice technology, conduct voice design workshops and through my company, Marvee, build purpose-built, meaningful and fun voice experiences to the 50+ population, for wellness, health and fun! 

Coming Up Next

I’ll be part of SoundHound Inc.’s ‘Building Better Voice Experiences’ webinar sharing expert tips on what makes a great #VUI, with folks from Mercedes and Pandora. Make sure to grab your spot. http://bit.ly/HeidiVUIWebinar

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