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peek around corners. lead change. make life better.

Heidi is a tech futurist, serial innovator and operating executive who’s been a startup founder, a senior executive in growth stage companies, and directed teams in Fortune 10 organizations launching innovation.

Having built teams across sales, business development, product and delivery, along with decades of experience as a pioneer at the forefront of wireless technology, enterprise software and mobile applications, Heidi continued her knack for seeing opportunity earlier than most, how Voice AI could impact the lives for older adults, founding a successful Voice AI startup in 2015 and leading a new wave of interest in ‘AgeTech’ with conversational AI experiences (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant).

Fascinated by what is possible, inspired to be courageous and bold, grounded in  integrity and kindness. The intersection of aging, technology, market, need offer a unique opportunity to both make life better and build business. Currently Heidi is influencing product and partnership on the Amazon Alexa team focused on Longevity & Aging.


Awards & Recognition

2021 Women in Voice Award

2020 Top Leader, Design & Product 

2020 Top Leader in Voice

2019 Alexa Champion

2019 Top Leader in Voice

2019 Top Influencer in Voice

“Heidi has this knack of seeing what is coming, how to enter the ecosystem that surrounds an idea, and then carve out a path to monetize the opportunity ”

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