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voice assistant technology, end-user training, conversation design

About Me

I’m a keynote speaker, voice designer, startup founder and the CEO of Marvee, a voice technology strategy consultancy and conversation design studio. I’m honored to be a Project Voice Voice/AI Pioneer of the Year finalist and previously named a top leader and top 10 influencer in the voice industry by voicebot.ai. It’s an amazing time to be using our voice to interact with technology.

I am a graduate of Miami University (OH), played a bit of tennis in my early adult days, and have served in multiple executive leadership roles in a career immersed in emerging technology at the forefront of wireless, mobile, and IoT.  Feel free to reach out via twitter, connect on Linkedin or locally in Naples, Florida where I offer “How To Use Alexa” for my local community.

Hi, I thought I’d offer a note of encouragement as we enter the unknown in 2020. The coronavirus brings much uncertainty. I know my perspectives on health, finances, family, education, how we care for elder adults and the list goes on! Yes, these are uncertain times, but we will see helping hands, and communities rise to the occasion. We will see a caring spirit towards supporting local business. And we will have the opportunity to take part in a new era of innovation. I’m here to help. Please reach out.


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