Hello, I’m Heidi

Innovation and Conversational AI Product & Design – Instructor, Advisor, Keynote Speaker

Heidi Culbertson


responsible innovation goes hand-in-hand with intentional design.

20+ Years of Innovation and Leadership Experience

I’m a technology futurist and innovation expert with decades of experience building products with emergent technologies. I’ve been a startup founder, a senior executive in growth stage companies, and directed teams in Fortune 10 organizations launching innovation in wireless tech, mobile applications and enterprise software. I’m an early leader in voice technology and the xfounder of the award-winning platform Marvee, a startup which provided a personalization design framework and more than 50 conversational AI experiences for modern aging, accessibility and family caregiving. Looking back, I’ve always been drawn towards new capability enabled by emerging tech – how it uncovers new ways to interact with the world around us for work or play, and how tech and new capability can greatly impact user experience.  Today, I teach innovation, product management and conversational AI;  advise AgeTech startups; and am a keynote speaker at tech, ai and longevity conferences.

learning offers opportunity – to upskill, to build something new, to learn things you didn’t know you needed to learn!

Here are a few things I will be covering in the course:

  • The older adult population – not one monolithic block
  • Actionable knowledge about market, monetization and magic
  • A use case framework for stakeholder buy-in
  • Concepts and techniques for designing bots, prototyping and use testing

Enrollment opens soon.


AgeTech & AI Masterclass – for Product Managers, Designers and Startups

I am excited to teach a masterclass course on: AgeTech & AI for product builders, designers and startups. Let’s impact the future of modern aging!

Product managers have missions to identify the right problems and deliver the right solutions. Designers design products that are usable, optimized and do no harm. Engineers create software that performs with specificity and scale. – Interest, innovation and investment to build AgeTech products for those age 50 and older is increasing amid the unprecedented shift in the world’s aging populations.  And the 50+ demographic is responsible for >50% of consumer spending!

This course will help students learn ‘who’ older adults are, the longevity market opportunity, how to define use cases that can be monetized, and actionable frameworks and methods to design conversational AI products

Here are a few things we cover in the course:

  • Understand how human conversation works
  • How to develop a conversational AI use case
  • Actionable knowledge about linguistics and cognition
  • Frameworks and techniques for training bots, prototyping and use testing
  • Case studies
  • Learn More

Designing Usability in Chat and Voice

We were thrilled to begin 2024 teaching a new course: Designing Usability in Chat and Voice. 

We believe the time is now to upskill or deepen understanding of Conversational AI and how to design exceptional user experiences.  Kids expect things to talk – Older adults want to use their voice – Systems speak and listen (kind of) – Conversational AI is here and a part of everyone’s future.

This course was developed to help students create better bots and better conversational experiences for users of every age. Students learn actionable concepts, frameworks, and methods for excellent conversational AI.

To join the waiting list for future cohorts, or to learn more, click HERE.  I hope you join us!

Awards and Honors

2023 – Aging2.0 Optimize, Keynote
2022 – Voice Summit (Voice22) Award- Industry VIP Award
2022 – Amazon Alexa Hackathon
2021 – Global Women in Voice Award nominee, DEI in Voice
2020 – Top 68 Leader in Voice AI, Voicebot.ai
2020 – Top 17 in Product & Design in Voice AI, Voicebot.ai
2020 – Top 40 Voice AI Influencers, Soundhound
2020 – Featured Voice Influencer, Voice Den
2019 – Amazon Alexa Champion
2019 – Voice AI Pioneer of the Year, Finalist – Project Voice
2019 – Top 44 Leader in Voice, Voicebot.ai
2019 – Top 10 Influencer in Voice, Voicebot.ai
2019 – SME for the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder Specialty Examination
2018 – Top 15 Voice AI Influencers, SoundHound
2017 – AARP LivePitch – finalist (Marvee)
2016 – Silicon Valley Boomer Summit – finalist (Marvee)
2000+ – multiple mobile app industry awards