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Technology, active aging, fitness, family caregiving, smart home integration, and financial protection for older adults. It is time to seize the opportunity to meet the needs of the important 60+ audience segment that controls 83% of the capital in the US. I am an emerging tech product innovator, the founder of Marvee, award-winning Conversation AI startup, and  a sought-after keynote speaker. I help entrepreneurs, investors, executives and fortune 500 companies at the intersection of purpose and profit with solutions that touch those over age 60.

The world is experiencing a massive demographic shift as people live longer, healthier and more active lives. The population over 60 is growing faster than other age groups, and their stage of life spans a broad spectrum of athletic, to active, to independent, assisted and care-dependent. The intersection of aging, technology, market, need offer a unique opportunity to both make life better and build business.

“With 25+ years in tech as a corporate leader and startup founder, I help others understand the Age-tech landscape, envision the future, identify products that matter (and monetized), and take action to make it happen.”


“Heidi is one of the most impactful and creative out-of-the-box thinkers I have ever met.” – VP, Fortune 10 company

Awards & Recognition

2021 Women in Voice Award

2020 Top Leader, Design & Product 

2020 Top Leader in Voice

2019 Alexa Champion

2019 Top Leader in Voice

2019 Top Influencer in Voice

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