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Heidi Culbertson
CEO, Move. Think. Play. LLC
ex-Amazon, ex-Marvee
tennis player

Product Managers have missions to identify the right problems and deliver the right solutions. Designers design products that are usable, optimized and do no harm. Engineers create software that performs with specificity and scale. Leaders inspire vision for today and the future. 

online learning

Live and on-demand cohort-based online sessions

demographic data + social and generational influence + product fit + human-centered design + persona variables = better user experiences. 

My AgeTech & AI course for product managers and designers aims to inspire and cultivate the next generation of product and design leaders to create better product user experience for older adults. With real world best practices from Big Tech, startups and customers, learn how  human-centered design + demographic data + product fit + intelligent persona variables raises the bar for product usability and user experience.

⬆  There are currently over 110 million adults ages 55+ in North America.
💰  In the U.S., adults 50+ are responsible for more than 50% of all consumer spending across product categories.
💡  Majority of older adults don’t believe products are designed with them in mind.

Founder | Product Maker | Conversational AI Leader | Advisor | Keynote Speaker | | ex-Amazon Alexa | ex-Marvee | ex-AT&T |

Meet Heidi

Heidi is an award-winning AgeTech startup founder, a former Amazon Alexa product manager and business development leader, mobile industry director, and since 2014, a pioneer in conversational AI building and designing conversational experiences specifically focused on the older adult population for the past 10+ years.

Heidi founded Move.Think.Play. LLC, a consulting, advisory and training company, to inspire and cultivate the next generation of business, product & design leaders to build better age-friendly products and user experiences for the age 50+ population.





Awards and Honors

2023 – Aging2.0 Optimize, Keynote
2022 – Voice Summit (Voice22) Award- Industry VIP Award
2022 – Amazon Alexa Hackathon Producer – Aging & Engaging
2021 – Global Women in Voice Award nominee, DEI in Voice
2020 – Top 68 Leader in Voice AI,
2020 – Top 17 in Product & Design in Voice AI,
2020 – Top 40 Voice AI Influencers, Soundhound
2020 – Featured Voice Influencer, Voice Den
2019 – Amazon Alexa Champion
2019 – Voice AI Pioneer of the Year, Finalist – Project Voice
2019 – Top 44 Leader in Voice,
2019 – Top 10 Influencer in Voice,
2019 – SME for the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder Specialty Examination
2018 – Top 15 Voice AI Influencers, SoundHound
2017 – AARP LivePitch – finalist (Marvee)
2016 – Silicon Valley Boomer Summit – finalist (Marvee)
2000+ – multiple mobile app industry awards